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Acland Award 2019

This year the Acland Award is celebrating community projects that are helping to create and encourage sustainable communities

Sustainable communities can be described as places where everyone’s needs are met; wellbeing is high and people are healthy, the environment is protected and enhanced, and the economy is vibrant, with opportunities for employment and growth.

They are safe, green, diverse, thriving environments in which people want to live and work – now and in the future.

Celebrating excellence

The East Devon AONB is buzzing with engaged, mindful, positive communities and the care they take of our environment is part of what makes the AONB outstanding.

We want to celebrate them and learn how projects within the East Devon AONB are working to make a difference.

Recognition for great work 

Have you worked to restore a building, improved a communal area or created a facility for the benefit of your local community or its economy?  

Do you know of a group, business or individual working to reduce waste, improve access to nature, education or services – perhaps working with the elderly, unemployed or young people to improve opportunities or wellbeing?  

Nominate a project that is making a difference in your community for the chance to receive the East Devon AONB Acland Award. 

Who can apply?

Local community groups, schools, clubs, associations, individuals and businesses are all eligible for nomination. Projects must be based in, or provide benefits to, a parish that falls (wholly or partially) within the East Devon AONB. List of eligible AONB parishes

What projects are eligible to enter?

Sustainable community projects come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of objectives and reasons for action. Ultimately, they are projects that have a positive impact on the community, which comes from the improvement of environmental, social and/or economic conditions.

They might do some or all of the following:

Protect/enhance the environment

  • Value and protect the biodiversity of nature – create and maintain habitats, wildlife conservation, tree planting, pollination
  • Reduce waste/pollution - removal of litter/ reduce carbon footprint/ reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Enhance the natural or cultural environment - preserve/rejuvenate a building or landscape of historic importance, clear and repurpose derelict land,  improve public spaces for community use and enjoyment

Meet social needs

  • Raise awareness and involvement – tackle important local and environmental issues/ promote local history, increase awareness of help available within the community
  • Improve health and wellbeing – improving access to recreation, interaction with others connection with nature
  • Reduce impact of poverty – food, fuel, and education initiatives
  • Access to skills and information – training, practical skills, improving confidence

Promote economic success

  • Support local business – sustainable business that benefits the community, selling local produce, collaborative working, increase diversity  
  • Provide, maintain, and improve opportunities - create jobs, increase local skills and capacity
  • Promote the community – attract visitors to support the community/parish

Not sure if your project qualifies?

This list is to give examples only and is not exhaustive. If you have a project you would like to nominate, but you're not sure if it suitable, please call us to chat through and confirm. Call Pete with any questions: 01404 46663 or email:

How to nominate

For online submissions: online nomination form.

For postal or email nominations: download word nomination form.

Deadline for applications

Nominations will close at 'end of day' on 29th July 2019.
Any postal or email applications must be received and all online applications must be submitted by this time.

What happens next?

Your application will be acknowledged on receipt – if we need more information we will request it. Once the closing date has passed, the AONB will present all the applications to our assessment panel for their consideration. If necessary, a site visit may be requested.

If shortlisted, applicants will be contacted by 21 August 2019 and invited to attend the Acland Award Ceremony, where the winner will receive their award. 

Acland Award ceremony

The Award ceremony will take place at the AONB Annual Meeting on 19 September 2019.

Terms & Conditions

  • Applications must be completed and submitted by 29th July 2019.
  • All application materials/details will be retained unless specifically requested by the applicant to be returned. Copies will be kept in these cases where practical.
  • The judge’s decision is final and awards will be made for winner, runner up and highly commended.
  • Awards will be made based on evidence submitted and in good faith. Awards may be withdrawn if information is falsely provided.
  • All photo’s taken by the AONB staff/contractors at the Award ceremony will be © East Devon AONB Partnership and used for PR purposes accordingly.

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