Digitised Tithe Maps

What are tithe maps and what do they tell us?

Tithe maps act as a historical record of land use in about 1840, in that they can be read along with apportionment tables which describe land use, type and tenure. For a summary of the origins of the tithe see this link to a local parish website who have used our digitised tithe maps as a parish resource (Umborne in the Parish of Shute & Whitford).

Maps were created by many different individuals and so there is a degree of variation between neighbouring parishes. Original maps (available to see by appointment at the Devon Record Office) are sometimes extremely large, and therefore can be difficult to view or manipulate, which is why we have digitised the tithe maps for this area.

What does a digitised tithe map look like?

36 of the 1840 parish digitised tithe maps (covering all 29 modern day parishes of the East Devon AONB from Exmouth to Honiton and Uplyme) are now available online for you to browse, using either the tools provided on the maps or using the browser zoom function.

1. Tithe maps

To select a tithe map of your parish, please click here, which will show you a map of the area covered and a table of all available digitised maps.

2. Apportionment tables

Once you have selected your tithe map you can then choose the accompanying apportionment data by clicking on this link .

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