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Devon's remarkable bats

As part of the Devon Bat Festival

Date September 12th
Venue Kennaway House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth EX10 8NG
Time 7.30 pm

Devon’s remarkable bats.  

Join Dr Fiona Mathews Associate Professor of Mammalian Biology at Exeter University and Chair of the Mammal Society to hear about the amazing biology of East Devon bats, how they are superbly adapted for night time flight and how they get through the winter months . We have some of the rarest species of UK bats in Devon so learn what makes the landscape so good for them. Fiona will also talk about some of her current research work and there may be a guest appearance by one of her rescue bats. 

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Coburg Road, Sidmouth
EX10 8NG

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In England and Wales, our finest landscapes have been conserved through designation as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty AONB

The East Devon AONB was designated in 1963 and is one of 46 AONBs across the UK. A National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty exists to provide general information about AONBs.


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