Seven Barrow Field

What will I see?

This is an iconic Hutchinson site, not just because he named it but because he witnessed the enclosure of this previously open heath and subsequent improvement for grassland, which, as a result, has made it impossible today to identify all seven barrows. However, the curious can today lean on the gate of the field and look at the only two large barrows still visible, from which important finds (now on display at the RAMM Exeter) were excavated in the 19th century, in conditions which we would regard as far from ideal today.

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How do I get there?

No access - can only be viewed over field gate

Can I find out more?

-    Accessory vessel found in barrow 21 (Quinell); Shale cup found in barrow 24(Quinell). Colour illustrations in Hist.Sidmouth (Butler vol.1 194).
    Jones and Quinell (DAS Proc. No. 66 2008 27-58)

-    Colour Photos of above in S:\Projects.25\13. Peter Orlando Hutchinson\Project delivery\Farway – RAMM mobile tour

-    POH DA barrow committee report 1880

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