Mutter's Moor

What will I see?

This, a site of a now disappeared stone circle attributed to the Bronze Age, appeared on several early maps, including early OS maps.  The stones were removed to grace a rockery at Bicton before Hutchinson could record them, but he interviewed two labourers in Otterton who had been employed to move them. The depiction of the stones in two of the maps suggests the stones were no longer in a circle when they were removed.

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How do I get there?

Nearest car park is at Peak Hill SY 311 871. To find the site of the Seven Stones follow the track to the east side of the car park. The surrounding heath land is open access served by a network of paths.

Can I find out more?

The site has undergone a geophysical survey and was excavated in the Summer of 2012 and 2013

Geophysical Survey Report of site of Seven Stones 2011

Geophysical Survey Report 2012

An analysis of historical maps may reveal something further about the Seven Stones.

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