Historic Environment Action

East Devon AONB Historic Environment Action Plans

Between January 2013 and January 2015 the East Devon AONB was funded by English Heritage to create an AONB wide and two community-led Historic Environment Action Plans.

AONB wide Historic Environment Action Plan

We have prepared Historic Landscape Character Assessment and Management Guidelines

Each Landscape Character Type has had a description prepared which aims to provide an overview which encapsulates the main features of the Historic Environment within that Landscape Character Type  and include both the archaeological and historical, the very old and the more recent. These are accompanied by descriptions of the special qualities of each area and management priorities. These are designed so that they can be easily fed into the wider landscape character assessment and management guidelines and the AONB Management Plan review process. The methodology used to create these guidelines is also available.

 Branscombe HEAP walk

Community Led Historic Environment Action Plans

We worked with Branscombe and Woodbury Parish to help them each create their own Historic Environment Action Plans, this activity then spilled into Lympstone Parish who also got involved.

We helped them:

  • Discover and explore the key archaeological and historic features of their parish
  • Identify the most important heritage features in their landscape
  • Think about what issues are affecting these features
  • Identify future actions they would like to take to learn more, share information or to look after their heritage

Download the Branscombe Historic Environment Action Plan, Woodbury Historic Environment Action Plan and short report on work undertaken in Lympstone and additional work focused on Subjective Geographies in Woodbury Salterton.

A HEAP is one way to gather evidence about the historic features in your landscape. Lots of people will already have information either as their own memories of the past through old photographs, maps and documents, through family history research, or through local history research. It will also provide a very useful evidence base which could help inform parish/neighbourhood plans and village design statements. But it is not about telling people what to do with their property or land but celebrates what makes that special sense of place in your parish.


Create your own community led Historic Environment Action Plan

Take the first step in creating a Historic Environment Action Plan in your own parish by downloading our Community Toolkit for creating Historic Environment Action Plans in the AONB and contact the AONB for further help and advice.

You can also watch a short video  which provides further information on how you can use historic mapping workshops to kick start the Historic Environment Action Plan process and see how historic mapping was undertaken in Branscombe by downloading Mapping Historic Branscombe

 mapping workshop

For other organisations

Why not download the Project report. This analyses the successes of the project, and the project methodology. It also outlines lessons learned and further work required. It is aimed primarily at heritage professionals, landscape professionals, people working within Protected Landscapes and individuals working in Local Authorities


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