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Click here to access the Devon Heritage Centre index of Hutchinson illustrations, showing you the access number  (should you wish to consult the original), the title and the date.

Some of the more iconic Hutchinson (POH) watercolours and drawings, many depicting aspects of the East Devon landscape, have already appeared in specialist studies. Many more have appeared as an accompaniment to Jeremy Butler’s edited version of the POH diaries. Many others, however, have never been seen by the public and include, for example, Hutchinson’s Normandy output.  An index is currently being prepared to accompany the scans. These scans may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes provided permission is sought and the illustrations are credited to the Devon Record Office and the POH project.

Sketchbooks Volume 1

Sketchbooks Volume 2

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In the Footsteps of Peter Orlando Hutchinson (2010-2013) has been delivered by the East Devon AONB Partnership on behalf of and with the financial support of Defra, Devon County Council, East Devon District Council, the Heritage Lottery Fund (Your Heritage) and the Sid Vale Association's Keith Owen Trust Fund.

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