Hutchinson's Diaries

The Hutchinson diary scans (1846-1894)

Peter Orlando Hutchinson’s (POH) diaries (1846-1894) have for many years resided in the Devon Record Office (DRO) strong rooms, occasionally consulted by researchers and writers. Jack Hillman, a DRO volunteer, has made digital images of the entire diaries, running to well over 2000 pages, as a shared resource for the DRO and the East Devon AONB Peter Orlando Hutchinson project. A number of people have asked that the diary scans should be available as an on-line resource and we are pleased to be able to facilitate this. The scans are accompanied by a transcribed, searchable, version of the diaries – the work of 13 POH project volunteers.

Much of the archaeological and topographical content of the diaries already exists in print in the two excellent volumes edited by Jeremy Butler. However, other elements, such as landscape, agricultural  and economic information, family histories, political comment etc. do not always feature in the edited version, neither do all Hutchinson’s humorous and other asides on his life and times, all of which you can now discover for yourselves. Sections of the diaries may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes provided permission is sought and the sections are credited to the Devon Record Office and the POH project.

Diary 1848-1854

Diary 1855-1864




POH diary transcripts (1846-1894)

The transcriptions are a searchable document, unlike the original scans, and are of course easier to read than the original, but you may wish to navigate between the original and the transcript as you will only find the illustrations in the original scans.

We would like to thank the following transcribers for their diligent work: Marjorie-Anne Howe; Sue Dymond; Colin, Helen and Jan Smith; Brian Turnbull; Kay White; Sue Hunter; John Rees; Ron Woodcock; John Griffith; Ffiona Eaves; Jill Cobley and Sandra Alkordi.

Martin’s tip for searching the transcripts

“The trick is to search the POH web page as a whole for whatever it is you are looking for.You are then presented with a list of transcriptions and a percentage of how likely they are to contain your search item. If you then open the transcription and do a further search for the same item (Edit, Find on this Page or Control F) your search item is then highlighted for you.  I also get a message telling me how many matches there are on the page.”

POH Transcripts - 1838

POH Transcripts - 1846

POH Transcripts - 1848

POH Transcripts - 1849

POH Transcripts - 1850

POH Transcripts - 1851

POH Transcripts - 1852

POH Transcripts - 1853

POH Transcripts - 1854

POH Transcripts - 1855

POH Transcripts - 1856

POH Transcripts - 1857

POH Transcripts - 1858

POH Transcripts - 1859

POH Transcripts - 1860

POH Transcripts - 1861

POH Transcripts - 1862

POH Transcripts - 1863

POH Transcripts - 1864

POH Transcripts - 1865

POH Transcripts - 1866

POH Transcripts - 1867 (Jan - Sep)

POH Transcripts - 1868 (Jan - Jun, Nov)

POH Transcripts - 1869

POH Transcripts - 1870

POH Transcripts - 1871

POH Transcripts - 1872

POH Transcripts - 1873

POH Transcripts - 1874

POH Transcripts - 1875

POH Transcripts - 1876

POH Transcripts - 1877

POH Transcripts - 1878

POH Transcripts - 1879

POH Transcripts - 1880

POH Transcripts - 1881

POH Transcripts - 1882

POH Transcripts - 1883

POH Transcripts - 1884

POH Transcripts - 1885

POH Transcripts - 1886

POH Transcripts - 1887

POH Transcripts - 1888

POH Transcripts - 1889

POH Transcripts - 1890

POH Transcripts - 1891

POH Transcripts - 1892

POH Transcripts - 1893

POH Transcripts - 1894

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