POH Transcripts - 1846

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Peter Orlando Hutchinson

Heightley Cottage, near Chudleigh

July 10. 1848.

All my Diary, for 15 years previous to this, I have burnt, as being useless.  P.O.H.

Sidmouth, Devon. 1846

[note in margin:  According to date, this page comes last.]

Saturday, Dec.26 __Got on the rail at Paddington at a quarter before ten, and was taken by the Express train to Exeter in four hours and a  half  –   distance I think 194 miles.  As I had two or three hours to spare, I walked out to Heavitree where my uncles and cousins have been buried to inquire the particulars in case my father should be buried there, as I was disposed to wish for.  Learnt from Mr. Atherley, the Vicar, that in the vault in the church my grandfather, Judge Hutchinson, and his wife were buried, but I forget whether there were any others; but since the erection of the new church burials are not allowed to take place – not even in the old vaults.  In common graves, about twelve yards south west of the north-west corner of the churchyard close against the wall that bounds the lane, in a cluster are Thomas Hutchinson, son of the Judge, William his younger brother, formerly curate of this parish; Louisa, William’s wife, and Henrietta their child.  At William’s feet lies Thomas’s son William, but without a monument.  It was my wish that my father should be near them; but two days before his death he said he might as well be buried at Sidmouth.

London and Sidmouth. – Dec. 1846.
Friday. Dec. 25. Christmas Day. ¬¬__ Received the following letter from  my brother:- “Sidmouth, Dec. 24. 1846. 
“My dear Peter. – Your father died yesterday at 6 P.M., and it is my mother’s particular wish that you come down to the funeral, which is to take place here on Tuesday, if possible.  You, and my mother are named Executor and Executrix; and £500 are left to you, as well as half of Section 18.  [At Alexandrina, Victor Harbour, South Australia; being the plot of 154 acres bounded on the east by the river Hindmarsh, and on the south by the sea.]   As I am bothered with business, and have many letters to w rite, it is not necessary to say more, as we expect you so soon.
“I am your affectionate Brother, Bingham Hutchinson.”
On the receipt of the above I made immediate preparations for the journey.  I excused myself from Mr. Green’s Xmas party, but without alleging the reason, and went to the Paddington station to enquire about the departure of the trains.

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