Landscape Character

The ‘characterisation’ approach to landscape is based upon the principle that all landscape types are of value, not just the most prized landscapes.

By identifying the features that define each landscape we can work towards conserving and enhancing local distinctiveness and reinforcing our sense of place. Characterisation provides the framework for us to better understand the geology, topography and soils and how they influence man’s activities, combining to create intricate and distinct patterns of settlement, landscape features and habitats.

The East Devon and Blackdown Hills AONB and East Devon District Landscape Character Assessment and Management Guidelines (2008) and the assessment on which they are based highlight the differing landscape character throughout the area. Produced by the AONB Partnerships and District Council, with the generous support of Natural England, they can be used to inform new development through the planning system, farm and woodland management, habitat creation and other landscape enhancement work. Together these changes will further influence the character of the wider landscape, which is going through a period of considerable change due to climatic, economic and other development pressures.

Undergrounding Power lines

Under the Electricity Act 1989 Ofgem, the regulator of the electrical distribution industry has a duty to have regard to the impact of distribution activities on the environment. In response to this, under the Distribution Price Control Review Ofgem provided an optional allowance for Distribution Network Operators to underground low voltage power lines in National Parks and AONBs. Since 2008 the AONB team and representatives from other protected landscapes in the south west area have worked with the local Distribution Network Operator Western Power Distribution, and identified and successfully undergrounded several visually intrusive powerlines.

East Devon AONB has benefited from the allowance with approximately 1km of powerlines undergrounded at Aylesbeare Common. The removal of unsightly powerlines, poles and associated infrastructure has significantly improved the quality of views and contributed to the enhancement of the landscape on the site .

For further details on the scheme please see click here

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We will continue to work with Western Power Distribution for the current and future review period to identify future schemes within the East Devon AONB. Please contact us at info@eastdevonaonb.org.uk with your ideas

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In England and Wales, our finest landscapes have been conserved through designation as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty AONB

The East Devon AONB was designated in 1963 and is one of 46 AONBs across the UK. A National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty exists to provide general information about AONBs www.aonb.org.uk

The South West Protected Landscapes Forum also exists to provide information and a regional voice for the 14 Protected Landscapes that together make up 38% of the South West of England.

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