Legacy to Landscape; linking King John's Oak to the future.

Legacy to Landscape -  a three year project (2016-2019) involving the community celebrating a hidden landscape of East Devon, based on a 1781 map of the Shute Estate. The project is funded by the the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund.

We now have a digital copy of this map and we would like to thank the Carew Pole family for kindly making their historical estate maps available for historic research.  Click on the blue icon (below, left) to zoom in on the digitised map for a 'centuries old' view of this special area.

 As part of our project we have developed a timeline game tracing the 800 year life time of King Johns Oak with local historical events and linking these with the stages of an oak trees life. Which is 300 years actively growing, 300 years of resting and 300 years of graceful decline.   

View and Download the King John's Oak game cards

Download our recent programme of events.   

Wildlife and history activities continue reveal the rich heritage of this hidden landscape, which has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. 

Wonderful wildlife

Recent wildlife surveys in the Umborne Valley reveal rare meadows rich in wildflowers. However most of the wildlife in the project area is under recorded. The project is discovering how much wildlife still thrives and identifying opportunities to improve it. Wildlife events have been organised to involve local communities in learning how to identify wildlife on their doorstep. This will help in increasing records for the whole project area. 

Helping wildlife
Practical conservation sessions help improve the landscape and its wildlife. Stay for a few hours or the whole day and play a part in securing the area’s wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Tools, gloves and drinks provided. 

Unearthing the hidden history
The project area contains a medieval deer park, ancient trees, and was once covered in orchards. However little information is available about its history. We are sure it has many fascinating secrets. People have been encouraged to get involved and join us and help investigate old maps and other historical documents and books and gather oral histories; a memory to share about the landscape.  Together we are piecing together this remarkable historic jigsaw puzzle.For a copy of our most recent Project newsletter click here.  

Find out more about the history and visit the following:

Shute Barton, National Trust Open Weekends 

Colyton Parish History Society Heritage Centre

Colyton History Walks with local guides

Discovery Strolls

Local groups are invited to get involved. Our ‘Discovery Strolls’ provide a chance to get out and explore the landscape, enjoy the views, and see wonderful wildlife using easily accessible routes, walking at a relaxed and leisurely pace. Walks can last about an hour or so, to suit group needs and on fairly level ground. 

School and youth groups

The project has offered a range of hands on, fun and educational activities at many of the sites in the project area. The programme included: stream survey in the River Coly, seasonal safaris in the medieval deer park at Shute, meadow bug hunts in rare traditional hay meadows, bat walks, environmental art and autumnal seed gathering in Enna, Holyford or Shute Woods. 

Ruth Worsley the Project Co-ordinator said “ the project provides potential for all ages to engage with the project at a variety of levels, whether it’s enjoying the landscape and wildlife, searching archives, pouring over old maps, learning more about our native wildlife or leading a survey group. No matter what your current knowledge or your particular interests we would like to hear from you and would love you to be involved”.

The first season of the project has been captured in a series of photographs which illustrate the breadth and variety of activities that have been organised for local people. Click here

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund with additional support from the East Devon AONB Partnership, Devon Wildlife Trust and the Axe Vale and District Conservation Society. 


If you would like to know more, please contact

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Or for an event please contact
Ruth Worsley at legacytolandscape@gmail.com

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