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King Johns Oak

For over 800 years King Johns Oak has grown in the medieval deer park at Shute, whilst the world changed around it.
It witnessed King John hunting in the park thinking about his troubled reign, 400 years later the grounds it sat in were confiscated by Queen Mary as they belonged to the family of the recently be-headed challenger for the throne of England the  9 day queen Lady Jane Grey.
Meanwhile the landscape changed around it and so did the world, it has survived through the Battle of Trafalgar , two World Wars, the invention of steam engines, electricity and the internet and still it sits peacefully within the Deer Park.

The King Johns Oak is now a magnificent tree, very different to most people’s vision of a tree but a great resource for people to learn about the importance of veteran trees, their longevity, the unique life that they support and their future in the landscape. Shute Primary School have adopted this ancient giant of a tree and are determined to bring it to local people’s attention.
For more information about caring for Ancient and Veteran trees.

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