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Find walks and trails to enjoy, beaches to play on, great local food, activities for all ages and rich local history.


 Our work to conserve and enhance the landscape, heritage, wildlife and communities of the AONB.


Find out about our Colchester Declaration and our commitment to nature  – protecting & recovering wildlife and habitats 



All across the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) there are individuals, businesses, groups and organisations who support our work and deeply value the local landscape, cultural heritage and biodiversity.

Each has pledged a commitment to living and working in ways that promote sustainability and help to protect the environment – together they are our Ambassadors.

If you are interested in supporting, celebrating and looking after the East Devon AONB, you’re invited to become an Ambassador too.




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How do YOU think Devon should face the climate crisis? By what date should De…


Saving the Grey Long Eared Bat

Saving the Grey Long Eared Bat

The Grey long eared bat needs our help. With as few as 1000 bats, located in 8 main maternity roosts spread across the south of England, we need to act now to prevent their extinction in the UK.  We’ve committed to doing the best we can for this rare mammal locally,...

#SavingSpecialSpecies – protecting endangered species

#SavingSpecialSpecies – protecting endangered species

Devon is rich in wildlife and important for the conservation of many species. At least 1,600 species that occur here are considered to be either threatened with extinction in the British Isles or are nationally scarce. Our wildlife is in crisis and we need to act now...

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In England and Wales, our finest landscapes have been conserved through designation as National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs). The East Devon AONB was designated in 1963 and is one of the 46 AONBs situated across the UK. 


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The East Devon AONB Partnership is a joint initiative funded by the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, East Devon District Council & Devon County Council. The Partnership is a member of the National Association for AONBs.