In East Devon, water plays a vital role in our natural landscapes and communities. However, the pressing concerns related to water pollution, agricultural practices, flooding, and other pressures on our water systems cannot be ignored, especially in the context of climate change.

These environmental challenges need immediate attention and action. Our aim is to provide a platform for all stakeholders to discuss and address these issues for a sustainable future.


Starting the conversation

First steps towards addressing local water issues were taken at our East Devon National Landscape July event held on July 6, 2023.

During this half-day event, we brought together National Landscape Partners, Ambassadors and supporters with South West Water (SWW), Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT), and the East Devon Catchment Partnership (CBA).

Sharing & learning

The core objective of the event was to establish a space for open dialogue and shared learning.

Key partners – SWW, WRT, and CBA – delivered presentations on vital subjects such as water resources, wastewater management, nature-based solutions, citizen science, and local catchment partnerships.

Collaborative groups

Following the presentations, SWW led a group workshop to identify local water management challenges and opportunities.

This step aimed to provide a better understanding of concerns within our East Devon communities, encouraging collaboration among stakeholders.

Priority actions

After in-depth discussions, group results were compiled, and participants cast their votes to emphasise priority action areas within East Devon’s National Landscape.

Results from the group work:

Results: Identifying priorities for improvement & collaboration


Looking Ahead

This event marked a significant step forward in engaging key stakeholders invested in water-related issues and opportunities in East Devon.

It underscored the importance of communication, mutual understanding, and cooperative efforts to address the region’s water management challenges.

As we look to the future, we remain committed to continuing this ‘open-dialogue’ and working together for the benefit of East Devon’s water resources and environment.

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