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A landscape 250 million years in the making


The Parishscapes project was a community project that worked to make all tithe maps for the East Devon AONB parishes available for public use. Converting the maps to digital format and making the information available to access online helped raise awareness of these historical maps and show their connections to our landscape, past and present.


Previously only available to view by visiting the Devon Records Office in Exeter, these often enormous maps could easily be viewed once in digital form. All interested parties could ‘zoom in’ on their own property or onto parts of their parish which interested them.

The project also created other ways for communities to connect with the heritage of the East Devon AONB landscape:

  • Activities with local groups and individuals to gather oral history of personal insights into change of landscape and landscape features across the area.
  • Workshops with schools and communities to develop study materials, resources and new skills to improve our understanding of landscape change and its relationship with wildlife, both past and present.
  • Walks, talks, exhibitions, conferences and community archaeology digs to help bring the past to life

Our projects

Tithe Maps

The digital tithe maps created as part of the Parishscapes project can be viewed on the Devon County Council Historic Environment website. Link to the site then use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page (beneath the SW Heritage Trust logo) to select a parish.


Each plot of land on the map has a number that relates to an apportionment schedule document that provides information such as owner, tenant, land use, etc. Difficult to read, project volunteers transcribed the documents. Original and transcription documents can also be viewed on the Historic Environment website.

Final Report

Read our final report to find out more about the Parishscapes project.

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